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Caring Community

The Caring Community

Caring For Each Other

We are more than a congregation. We are a community. We console each other in times of pain and celebrate together in times of joy. Our rabbi seeks the wellbeing of each member and relies on our Caring Community to help meet the needs of our members.

Why you should be part of the Caring Community:
We should all consider ourselves part of this Caring Community, invested in the Jewish value of performing mitzvot of kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh. (We are all responsible for one another).
Volunteering for the Caring Community allows us to support our members when needs arise and ensure no one’s needs go unmet.

Performing a service for someone in need provides a sacred connection between you and the person you are serving while strengthening the fibers of our community.

Each participant chooses when they help and what service they want to provide. Even if someone volunteers only once or twice a year, such as helping with a shiva or making a meal, that is still a meaningful service to our community.

Ways that the Caring Community supports our congregation:

Phone Calls 

Help us stay connected as members of our caring community call congregants to convey Temple’s well wishes and offer specific support depending on their situation.


Prepare and deliver meals to members who need support, such as those recovering from illness, after the birth of a baby, etc.


Send cards to community members in times of need to let them know they are in our thoughts. (Prompts for what to write are available.)


As we are able, provide rides to Shabbat and High Holiday services, medical or other necessary appointments.

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