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Lifelong Learning

Focused Experience

Turn Torah over, again and again. Everything is within it! -Pirkei Avot 5:22

We are taught that the most fundamental commitment a Jew can make is to lifelong learning.

While the tools for learning evolve, Torah is eternal. Torah means instruction, and rabbi means teacher. Our lives as Jews revolve around continual learning as we go about our journey. Temple Kol Ami incorporates the latest technology to allow members to access nearly all learning opportunities in person and online. Class topics include a range of  relevant, vibrant, and meaningful Jewish learning experiences to meet the diverse needs of all our congregants. Groups are informal and newcomers are warmly welcomed.

Adult Education Classes

Our staff offers a special series of classes throughout the year on many stimulating topics. Rabbi Shribman’s most recently was part of a small congregations teaching about Tish B’av and a discussion on Israel with Rabbi Emeritus Norman Roman.

Torah Study

TKA’s weekly Torah study group is among the oldest established Torah study groups in the area. Congregants immerse themselves in the essence of Torah as they dive into each week’s Parshat with an engaging discussion over bagels and coffee. This weekly session is over Zoom and in person. Contact the office for the Zoom link.  Newcomers are always welcome!

Bagels and Basics

Several times during the year guest lecturers join us on Sunday mornings to schmooze with members and non-members alike over bagels and coffee, then stay to learn from a local rabbi, leader, educator or member who has something interesting to share. Whether it’s the latest project of a local agency, a visiting scholar, or some other Jewish topic of interest, watch the weekly member e-mail or the TKA Facebook page for our next exciting learning opportunity.

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