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Holiday Festivals

Holidays at Temple Kol Ami are lively occasions with tradition and music.

After the High Holidays we live under the stars in our sukkahs, then we come together to celebrate with the Torah. Next is one of the most anticipated Shabbats of the year with Shabbanukkah. We honor the trees for Tu Bishvat and laugh for Purim with our schpiels, we remember our history for Passover and we receive the Torah at Mt. Sinai for Shavuot. 

Rosh HaShanah  September/October

Beginning of the Jewish New Year with sweetness and beginning the 10 days of awe in self reflection. Customs include: a round challah, we are commanded to hear the shofar, and eat apples and honey.

Yom Kippur September/October

The Day of Atonement where we fast, pray, and repent for our sins and start the year with a fresh new perspective.


Festival of Booths and giving thanks for the Fall harvest. Customs include: eating outside in the sukkah, shaking the lulav and etrog.

Shemini Azteret & Simchat Torah September/October

We begin the celebration with a  Torah reading and the TKA band and beginning the Torah cycle anew. Shemini Atzeret has Festival Yizkor service remembering those loved ones who have passed and asking for rain in Israel.


Hanukkah is the festival of lights for 8 days. We remember the Hanukkah (the dedication) of the Temple with the oil lasting for 8 days. Customs include: Lighting a menorah or hanukkiah. TKA Shabbanukkah (Shabbat Hanukkah) playing dreidel, eating gelt, sufganiyot, and latkes!

Tu B'ShvatJanuary/February

Jewish Arbor Day, Tu Bishvat (the fifteenth of Sh’vat) is the festival of trees. Customs include: planting trees and having a special seder.


Purim is celebrated by reading and telling the megillah (Story of Esther). We celebrate the survival of the Jewish people from Haman. Customs include: Eating Hamantaschen, groggers, shpielen, and Shalach Mones (Mishloach Manot).

Pesach March/April


Pesach (Passover) celebrates the Exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. We tell the passover story with a seder and a festive meal. Customs include: Eating matzah and no leavened bread, TKA Sisterhood seder, Religious School Passover Experience.

Yom HaShoahApril/May

Holocaust Remembrance Day, we remember the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Customs include: Holding a special remembrance service and lighting a yahrzeit candle.

*TKA was one of the first congregations in metro-Detorit to observe Holocaust Remembrance services on Yom Hashoah

Yom Ha’atzmautApril/May

Israeli Independence day. We celebrate the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.  Customs include: all things Israeli.

Shavuot May/June

At the conclusion of the counting of the Omer we celebrate receiving the Torah from Mount Sinai to the Jewish people. Customs include: TKA Affirmation ceremony, cheesecake and blintzes, and reading the Book of Ruth.

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