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Life Cycle Events

The Important events in a Jewish person’s life

Life Cycle Events

Lifecycle rituals create space to behold sacred moments in our lives. As Reform Jews, we believe in the power of ritual and their ability to transform us.  Our Rabbis are experienced in all Jewish life-cycles as well as in creating rituals to celebrate unique milestones

Brit Milah (Bris)

A Bris ceremony has two different components – the circumcision and the naming. The Yiddish word Bris is the same as the Hebrew word Brit – which means covenant, traditionally it is done eight days after the birth of your child. This ritual celebrates the birth of the child and his entrance into the covenant of Israel. The Rabbi would love
to help you prepare and guide you on this joyous occasion. While these life celebrations typically occur in a Jewish home, you may also inquire
with our office about using our building. The Rabbi would love to help you prepare and guide you on this joyous occasion.
While these life celebrations typically occur in a Jewish home, you may also inquire with our office about using our building.


Baby Naming
(Simchat Bat)

We celebrate the great blessing of a new born daughter with a ceremony that brings her into the covenant and confers upon her a Hebrew name. The ceremony can take place either at home, or at the synagogue, or at Friday or Saturday morning Shabbat services.



First and Second graders are invited to officially start their sacred Jewish Education. We invite the families to a consecration service, where the children recite the Sh’ma (declaration of Jewish faith). The children are blessed by the Rabbi and given a miniature Torah.
For more information contact the religious school.


B’nai Mitzvah

Mazel Tov! Your child is becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.
(A young Jewish adult of the commandments)
Temple Kol Ami is deeply proud of the strength our students draw from our B’nai Mitzvah program. Our students learn to lead prayer with confidence, chant Torah, pursue a mitzvah project, and offer a teaching to the congregation on their Torah portion.
Past Mitzvah project have included working at animal shelters, food banks, environmental projects, city of Detroit initiatives, sports leagues for underprivileged youth, and many more.
We prepare our B’nai Mitzvah with our Shevet Gam Yachad program. This program is for the student and their parents in preparation and gaining deeper spirituality in their service.
For more information please visit our B’nai Mitzvah page.



Our Founding Rabbi, Ernst Conrad z”l, laid the foundation that we don’t “confirm” our Jewish identity, we “affirm” it. Our affirmation program is directed towards helping our students affirm their own relationship to Judaism and each other. In it we encourage the class to question assumptions and design their own service. The class also pursues a significant class mitzvah project. It is set to coincide with the festival of Shavuot, and carries the special significance of “receiving the Torah.” and their traditions.



Temple Kol Ami practices the Jewish value of celebrating with bride and groom. Jewish tradition teaches that the wedding should be filled with love and joy and that nothing should interfere with that happiness. We will guide you through this momentous occasion in our life through wedding preparation, the Ketubah, and officiating.
Engaged couples are welcomed to have an Auf Ruf and celebrate with the temple community.



Kol Ami is committed to the Jewish value of B’ruchim habaim welcoming all who seek to be a part of this community-those who began their jewish journeys at birth and those who have become a part of this community along the way. We invite you to set up with the Rabbi one on one counseling in your Jewish journey.



Temple Kol Ami emphasizes the core Jewish value that every life is sacred. We are here to offer guidance in end of life pastoral care and funeral officiation to our members and their families.
We have plots at Beth El Memorial Park on 6th mile and Middlebelt. If you are inquiring about a temple plot please contact the Temple office.

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