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Giving Options

“We are moved from the heart to give to the Mishkan” Exodus 25:1-8

Our Community is supported through your generosity. Please give if your heart so moves you. These acts of giving are referred to as Tzedakah or acts of justice. 

Make an impact by giving to a fund that's meaningful to you!

Youth Funds

Other Ways To Give

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your giving and goals and how Temple Kol Ami fits into your future. Please contact our temple office below.

Planned Giving

We all make decisions during our life that reflect our values. Have you ever considered making a legacy gift by including Temple Kol Ami in your estate plan? Planned giving is one of the most powerful ways for congregants to acknowledge the importance of their synagogue life. A legacy gift will allow us to continue our commitment to strong Jewish values, education and spiritual growth. A gift from you will help ensure the vitality of Kol Ami beyond your lifetime and for generations to come.

There are many flexible options for giving.

Donate Stock

If you donate stock to Temple Kol Ami that you have owned for one year or longer, and the stock is worth more than you originally paid, there can be beneficial tax advantages for you.

Remember Temple Kol Ami in your will

List TKA (or a specific TKA Endowment Fund) as a beneficiary in your will or estate planning.

IRA Distributions

Consider a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) to Temple Kol Ami to satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA.

Use Life Insurance to make a gift

We can help you explore options, including naming TKA as a beneficiary for an existing policy, or purchasing a new policy naming TKA as the beneficiary. There are tax advantages for both methods.